How to increase Bangladeshi Content's CPC or  revenue ?

Do you know how to increase revenue in Bangla content by increasing CPC? If you do not know these questions, you can read the article.

First of all, you have need to know what is CPC?

 The full name of CPC is Cost Per Click, which means how much is earned per click. Many times this CPC depends on the content you write and sometimes it also depends on the area. Because the needs of the people of America and the needs of the people of our country will not be the same. 

Again, the people of our country do not search what the people of America search for. When writing content, you will see that the area also has to be mentioned.

Due to the differences in this area, if you search for the same content with a Bangladeshi browser, you will get the different results if you search in the United States.

 This CPC usually depends on the advertiser and your content. Because there are some niches whose CPC is always higher. And when you write about this kind of niche, your visitor's click must be a good income.

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 Now we will know the reason why this CPC decreases:

 1. If the content does not rank in Google, the CPC is low. 

2. Then if you work with Low Keyword & Low Competition Keyword.

 3.If your Site content is small, CPC is low.

 4. Asian traffic means that even if the traffic in Bangladesh and India is more, the CPC will be lower.

 5. Even if there are more ads, many times the CPC is less.

 6. You will get lower CPC even if you don't have a specific niche.

 7. If Alexa Rank is below 1 lakh, you will get less CPC.

 8. If Low Advertisers' ads are displayed on your site, you will get less CPC.

Now we will know how to increase CPC? 

1. Publish content that ranks in Google.

 2. You can block the ads of low advertisers.

 3. Try to write content with High Competition & High Keyword.

 4. Target CPC 0.5% to 1% Keywords.

 5. Make sure the content is large and does not ads too much. Remember that more ads does not mean more income.

 6. Make sure you don't show more than 2 ads because too many ads reduce CPC.

7. Regular means if you post 2 posts per week, try to publish 2 posts per week, then Google will give importance to your site and then you will get high CPC.

How to increase Bangladeshi Content's CPC or  revenue ?

If you follow the above, I hope you will get more CPC than before.

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