How to make money online by Copyrighting

There are many ways to make money  from  online such as : Blogging, Digital marketing, SEO, Online surveys, Email Marketing, Advertisement, Affiliate,  Reseller & Frelanching etc.

Copyrighting is one of them, through which money can be earned online.

If you want to work with copyrighting, you must first know what is copyrighting ? Secondly, how do I establish myself as a copywriter? What skills do I need to be an ad copywriter?.

The answer is Simple , copywriting is looking at something and typing. Maybe by watching from a video, blog, ads or any paper and writing according to the needs of your client.

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How to make money by copywriting?

Suppose a company asks you to write an advertisement for a bicycle. Now if you just write "this bike will be sold" but those who see the ads will not be attracted to it. 

On the other hand, If you place an advertisement with the details of the price, name of the company, it's advantages, disadvantages and whether there is any discount, then easily people will be attracted to your advertisement and buy a bicycle.

Nowadays, it is very easy to make money  by copyrighting Facebook ads.

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Today we will Learn the copyright of Facebook Ads:

There are many ways to make  money using Facebook. For example, Facebook article monetization, Facebook page sales, Facebook Like sales, selling products on Facebook can be earned in various ways. Similarly, it is possible to make money by copyrighting ads on Facebook.

Facebook ad copyright is the creation of headlines for others, writing descriptions, etc. Now you may think that the work is not very difficult. If you think so, then the thought is completely wrong.

Because, when people click on an ad, the description of that ad is read before and in most cases this happens. So if you want to be a professional Facebook ad copywriter then you need to know. How to increase customer presence.

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Example Of Copyrighting  Work:

How to make money online by Copyrighting

Suppose the client asks you to type the text from Paper, then you just have to type the exact text.

How to make money online by Copyrighting

Another example : Suppose  a page has a list of people working in an organization in the form of Name and addresses, you will be asked to arrange it in the form of a table.

Basically this is copywriting. The work is very straightforward for you if your writing speed is good.

How to make himself as a professional Copyrighter:

You can watch videos from YouTube to become a Google Advertising Copywriter. You can search to know how to write the description of the ads. Make a note of what you will learn from Google and YouTube. These notes will come in handy when you are working on a real case.


Please remember there is no substitute for learning. No matter how small the task, it will actually fail to work online without knowing the details.

You can take courses in Professional Copywriter from Udemy, 10 Minute School (Bangla), Udavsh etc

Where can you find copyrighting work?

All of these jobs are usually found on a variety of freelancing websites, including Fiverr, Freelancer, and Upwork. More work is available on the website. make can learn to work first and then earn money by creating an account on an outsourcing website.

Remember that if you can be a professional copywriter then you have a lot of needs. A professional copywriter earns between  300 to 400 $ per month.

Why businesses need to hire a professional Copywriter?

There is a huge demand for them.

And, probably, it will be there for a very long time.

Just think about this. A single IT company needs to create all this marketing material:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Forms to fill out
  • Facebook updates
  • Twitter updates
  • Copy for all the pages of their website
  • Content for their blog
  • Copy about their products
  • Scripts for sales people
  • Material that teaches clients about their policy
  • Scripts for the customer support people to follow
  • Press releases

How to Build Your Professional Skills

How to become a freelance copywriter online? Not everyone is a skilled writer. But, you can become one if you work hard & smart on your skills.

These are the best ways to build them.

Lastly, do not underestimate any task, stick to it with patience, you will see that one day success will come by itself.

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