BTRC online complain box

stands for Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission. 

Telecommunication support of our country is provided by BTRC. If you want to any complaint against mobile company, SIM company or any broadband Provider company, you have to go to BTRC's online complaint box.

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If you think that a company is debiting more than the stipulated amount from BTRC for broadband service or a SIM company is charging extra call rate or data rate, the network service is not good then you can complain to BTRC.

How to complain?

First go to BTRC online Complain Box

How to complain?

Enter the details of your complaint in the comment box with the required information above. Than click "submit complain" button.

How to Complain BTRC?

Click " Ok " button.

How to Complain BTRC?

Now see,your information has been submitted successfuly.

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