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Download 18 Paid Courses of  10 Minutes & Udvash Institute.

Dear visitors, we collect the courses in different Sources for your benefit but you don't care about it. you are selling these course for money which I did not expect at all, Please stop these. otherwise, if this continues we will stop giving courses.

I Again say, don't waste your chances, if you want to buy these courses from Institute, you have to buy them for thousands of taka but you are getting them here for free.

This courses Collected by Masud Rana

Uoload by :5omp0hca@hammod.anonaddy.me(Education Should be free)

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Note: we are not a Institute, we are just a website so Tunes71 is not responsible for course links being invalid at any time.


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    1. দয়ে করে অপেক্ষা করুন, আমরা যখন এটি সেয়ার করছি তখন ওপেন ছিল এখন আপলোডার Password দিয়ে দিছে।

      তাকে মেইল করা হয়েছে,ততখন পর্যন্ত অপেক্ষা করুন।



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